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Montgomery County Property Tax

For years, Republic Property Tax has provided advice, guidance and monetary savings for Montgomery County homeowners who receive erroneous property tax assessments from their county assessor’s office. Our team is deeply dedicated to reducing our clients’ tax obligations and compelling tax collection authorities to draw up property-value reassessments that can reduce property tax burdens for years to come. Moreover, we take pride in our efforts to inform and educate homeowners about steps that they can take to lodge successful property tax protests. Read on for some important information about property taxes in Montgomery County.

Montgomery County Property Tax Background

Like many Texas counties, Montgomery County derives the bulk of its operating budget from property tax assessments on local landowners. The jurisdiction’s property tax levies support a wide range of projects and departments, including:

  • County-level road construction, maintenance and improvement projects
  • Local school districts’ ongoing operational expenses and expansion projects
  • Road cleaning, trash disposal and other services
  • Public works, park maintenance and infrastructure projects
  • Police and fire departments

Unlike some Texas counties, Montgomery County is a fairly affluent area that has a history of staying within its annual budget and meeting its long-term debt obligations. As such, local homeowners who have been affected by property tax assessment errors should not hesitate to lodge tax protests with the proper authorities. Such protests do not have a significant negative impact on Montgomery County’s budget.

Useful Montgomery County Property Tax Exemptions

Although Montgomery County’s tax-collecting apparatus requires most homeowners to pay the full balance on their annual property tax bills, certain residents and business owners may be able to claim exemptions that reduce their financial liabilities. Those who qualify for such exemptions include:

  • Senior citizen homeowners
  • Homeowners with recognized physical and psychological disabilities
  • Those who pay certain education-related taxes
  • Practitioners of certain types of farming and livestock operations on residential properties
  • Homeowners who appoint a qualified representative to handle their property tax issues

Under Texas state law, Montgomery County’s taxes are levied and collected by an elected official known as the “assessor-collector.” This individual serves a four-year term and reports to the board of the local appraisal district. While Montgomery County has a history of appointing well-qualified tax assessors to oversee its tax-gathering operation, the appraisal district’s massive workload makes collection errors and punitive levies inevitable. Local homeowners are permitted and encouraged to appeal suspected collection errors and other property tax issues to the area’s Appraisal Review Board. Since this task can be time-consuming and often confusing, busy homeowners should carefully consider the benefits of appointing a qualified representative with years of hard-earned experience in the tax protest business.

Republic Property Tax Can Solve Your Montgomery County Tax Problems

Republic Property Tax makes it easy to lodge successful property tax protests that correct erroneous assessments and secure much-needed reassessments for homeowners whose properties have recently decreased in value. Our dedicated team leverages its unrelenting work ethic and deep familiarity with local property tax systems to achieve successful results for our busy clients. Moreover, our contingency-fee pricing structure eschews upfront fees and ensures that we only get paid for delivering measurable results. With an intuitive, fully secure online account management system and a customer-first philosophy, we have earned the trust of thousands of Houston-area homeowners. To learn more about our property tax protest services, call 713-609-9430 today.

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