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Why Should You Protest a Property Appraisal?

Every year, far too many Houston-area homeowners are shocked to receive overvalued property tax assessments that take hundreds or even thousands of dollars directly out of their pockets. Fortunately, the seasoned tax professionals at Republic Property Tax are committed to fighting against this injustice and saving the hard-working people of southeastern Texas as much money as possible. We are also committed to educating our fellow Texans about the process of protesting a property tax assessment. In this article, we explain why it might be a good idea to protest your most recent property appraisal.

Anticipating Future Property Value Increases

Until recently, the housing market has been steadily declining. Unfortunately, local assessor's offices tend to use any such indications that the economy is improving to justify inflated property tax assessments. Even if you have not yet received an out-of-whack property assessment, you may wish to preemptively protest your current assessment in order to "readjust" your local assessor's records and ensure that next year's inflated valuation does not come as an unwelcome surprise.

Anticipating Mill Rate Increases

Assessment districts that have not yet experienced home-price resurgences may offset budget deficits and compensate for declining revenues by increasing their mill rates. Even if your property's assessed value remains constant, this can cause your tax bill to spike. To avoid this prospect, begin preparing your reassessment request well in advance of a mill rate increase.

Compensating for Recent Property Value Decreases

Some parts of the Houston area are still experiencing a so-called "home price recession." If your neighborhood has been beset by falling transaction values over the past few years, you might naturally expect your home's assessed value to fall as well. Unfortunately, assessors often ignore market-based valuation cues in favor of "mass valuation" techniques that over-inflate assessed values during times of economic crisis. If you can plausibly argue that your home's assessed value exceeds its market value, you may convince your local assessor's office or appeals board to reduce your tax bill.

Ease of Filing

The most persuasive argument for protesting your property appraisal is also the simplest: It is extremely easy to do so. As long as you meet all of the applicable filing deadlines and present a convincing case in your initial written reassessment request, you should have no trouble securing a hearing before your local Appraisal Review Board. You can reference other sections of our site for specific information about when and how to file a protest.

How Republic Property Tax Can Help

At Republic Property Tax, we have devoted years to the straightforward but often complex task of helping ordinary Houston-area homeowners lodge successful protests against their property tax assessments. With a simple, transparent approach to customer service and an easy-to-use, interactive online account system that keeps our clients in the know, we have built a cadre of repeat customers and enjoy a formidable reputation among our peers. Since we strive to protect the interests of all southeastern Texan homeowners, we never charge upfront fees for our services and ask for payment only after successfully reducing our clients' taxes. To learn more about property tax protests, contact Republic Property Tax at 713-609-9430.

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