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Harris County Property Tax Appeal

If you are like most homeowners, you dread the day that you receive your annual Harris County property tax assessment. Fortunately, you can call upon a powerful ally to help you fight back against overvalued assessments. At Republic Property Tax, we are committed to assisting Harris County homeowners in their valiant fights against the local tax authorities. We are also committed to educating homeowners who simply want to know more about protesting property taxes. Below, we have outlined some pertinent information about Harris County property taxes.

Harris County Property Tax Background

Harris County’s property taxes are put to a variety of uses. Like most counties in Texas, Harris County earns the bulk of its revenue through these taxes and uses them to fund many of its most expensive programs and services. These programs and services include:

  • Law enforcement and fire protection
  • Public schools and extracurricular educational programs
  • Park maintenance and public works projects
  • Road maintenance in cities and unincorporated areas

You should not feel bad about protesting your property tax assessment. As one of the largest counties in the United States, Harris County has an enormous operating budget and funds a wide variety of programs and services for its citizens. You should not feel obligated to honor an obviously inflated property tax bill without protesting it.

Harris County Property Tax Exemptions

Some Harris County homeowners are able to claim partial property tax exemptions. Although many homeowners will not qualify for these exemptions, you should check with the local authorities to determine whether you do. Individuals who might be able to claim a property tax exemption under Harris County law include:

  • Individuals who have paid special school or “improvement” taxes
  • Senior citizens
  • Disabled homeowners
  • Appointing a Qualified Representative

As Texas’s largest county, Harris County has the largest and most overworked tax appraisal district in the state. Periodically, the district’s board of directors appoints an experienced home appraiser to serve as the Harris County Chief Appraiser and oversee the county assessor’s office. This individual is responsible for valuing the county’s homes and setting each homeowner’s property tax bill. Fortunately, local homeowners can challenge his or her actions through a reassessment request or formal tax protest hearing before the appraisal district’s board. Homeowners who do not have the time or inclination to mount this fight on their own are entitled to appoint a qualified representative to assist them at every step of the process. This may greatly increase their chances of winning their appeal.

How Republic Property Tax Can Help

The hard-working tax professionals who have built Republic Property Tax into a respected Houston institution got their start in Harris County’s halls of power and continue to fight hard on behalf of its residents. Over the years, we have helped thousands of local homeowners successfully protest their property tax assessments and reduce their tax liabilities by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. With a friendly online account system and a transparent, customer-focused approach to our business, we have also earned a formidable reputation among our peers. In the spirit of customer service, we never charge upfront fees and get paid only after successfully completing a case. For more information about the process of lodging a property tax protest, call us at 713-609-9430.

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