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Galveston County Property Tax Appeal

Even as property values have stagnated or declined across southeastern Texas, thousands of local homeowners have been slapped with overvalued property tax assessments that could cost them hundreds of dollars per year. Fortunately, the professionals at Republic Property Tax stand ready to provide the support and guidance that struggling homeowners need to lodge successful property tax protests with the proper authorities. We also pride ourselves on educating homeowners who worry that they might be hit with an overvalued assessment in the future. In this piece, we discuss local property tax issues in Galveston County.

Background on Galveston County Property Taxes

As in many Texas counties, property taxes form a crucial part of the revenue stream of Galveston County. In fact, property tax receipts comprise the largest piece of the county’s tax-revenue “pie.” Galveston County’s property taxes pay for a wide range of local services and programs, including:

  • Sheriff and fire protection
  • Public works like water main repairs
  • Public services like road cleaning and trash disposal
  • County road maintenance and construction
  • Public education programs
  • Park and beach maintenance

Although many of these services are useful and important, it is crucial to note that Galveston County is in relatively good financial shape. With plenty of tourist sites and summer homes, the county’s economy does well for itself. As such, there is no need for you to feel remorseful about protesting your property tax assessment. The county does not need to overcharge its citizens in order to continue providing important services.

Common Galveston County Exemptions

Although plenty of “ordinary” Galveston-area homeowners are required to pay their property taxes in full each year, many are able to claim certain exemptions. Individuals who may qualify for such exemptions include:

  • Homeowners with certain recognized disabilities
  • Senior citizen homeowners
  • Homeowners who practice certain types of agriculture on their property
  • Homeowners who pay certain kinds of other local taxes, including school taxes and special county taxes
  • Appointing a Representative

Galveston County’s property taxes are assessed and collected by the assessor’s office, an entity that operates within the local “appraisal district.” Although an appointed “chief appraiser” sets local property values and directs the activities of the office, he or she must report to the local appraisal district. As such, the chief appraiser is accountable to a higher authority. Homeowners have every right to appeal the chief appraiser’s valuation methodologies to the local Appraisal Review Board. Those who do not wish to shoulder the burden of this task alone are permitted to appoint a qualified representative to assist them.

How Republic Property Tax Can Help

The seasoned tax experts at Republic Property Tax have dedicated their professional lives to helping ordinary Galveston-area homeowners reduce their property tax bills and save more of their hard-earned money. Over the years, we have worked with thousands of individual homeowners who have saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars under our guidance. Thanks to our friendly customer service philosophy and common-sense online account interface, we have more satisfied customers than we can count and enjoy plenty of repeat business. Best of all, Republic Property Tax never charges upfront fees and only accepts payment after successfully completing a case. For more information about our services, give us a call at 713-609-9430.

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